Guilt has an important role as it awakens us to changes we need to make, but there are limits to how far guilt will help us.
Guilt is like a battery in a gasoline-powered car. It can light up the car, start the engine, and power the headlights, but it will not provide the fuel for the long journey ahead. The battery, by itself, is not sufficient. And neither is guilt.
Neil L. Andersen

- Neil L. Andersen - Today Quotes

many of the things you can count, do not count. Many of the things you cannot count, really do count.
Albert Einstein

- Albert Einstein - Today Quotes

Do not expect to be free entirely from trouble and disappointment and pain and discouragement, for these are the things that we were sent to earth to endure.
Boyd K. Packer

- Boyd K. Packer - Today Quotes

belonging isn't a matter of circumstance-it's a matter of who you truly are and who you are striving to become like.


- Liahona - Today Quotes

We can overcome every bad thing the world throws at us.
Simply put, we can have hope.

- Liahona - Today Quotes